Orewa North West School

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Enrolment Zone consultation now open until May 5th

Orewa North West Primary School was announced by the Government as part of the 2018 Budget: Vote Education. This school will be a Year 1-6 contributing school and is designed to create a fresh new centre of modern learning which looks to the future whilst encouraging close ties with the community


It will provide contemporary ‘innovative learning environments’ offering a variety of well-connected learning spaces utilising the latest building materials and technologies. Flexible teaching spaces allow the ability to cater for a wide range of learner interests and the ability to deliver a modern, innovative curriculum that will have a focus on learning for all to succeed.


The first stage of the build will have the infrastructure hall, library, playground and administration for 700 students – the proposed overall roll. However, the first stage of building will be to accommodate a roll of 420 students. 


Orewa North West Primary School will open in January 2023 with a projected roll of 150 students by the end of the year. 


The Establishment Board of Trustees are excited to announce the appointment of our Foundation Principal, Steve Mouldey. Steve started with us during January 2022. He brings to our school exceptional leadership experience from his previous role as Principal of AGE School in Takapuna. His commitment to wellbeing, passion-based learning and student achievement identified him as the outstanding candidate to be the Foundation Principal for our new school. 


On behalf of the Establishment Board of Trustees, we look forward to working with the local community and neighbouring schools to help shape the future of education for our tamariki.


Diana Wilkes 

Board Chairperson

A Once In a Lifetime Opportunity to Be Involved in The Education of Your Children

The Establishment Board of Trustees (EBoT) for Orewa North West School is looking for up to three local parents/caregivers to co-opt as full Board members. The co-opted members will complement the existing Establishment Board which is made up of five appointees made by the Minister of Education and the Foundation Principal.

The EBoT is looking for parents/caregivers in the local community who will have children who will attend the new school, which will open in February 2023. Parents who have previously expressed an interest should complete the formal expression of interest as set out below. As a member of the EBoT you will be expected to attend monthly meetings and to fully engage in the governance process in the establishment of the new school. 

  • April 2022 - Enrolment Zone consultation
  • May 2022 - Deputy Principals start
  • May 2022 - Enrolments for 2023 begin
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Process for Co-option

Essential Requirement: The parent/caregiver lives within the local community.

In addition to the essential requirement we are looking for parents/caregivers who may have one or more of the following skills or attributes (NB the current members have extensive experience in compulsory education sector):

1) reflect the cultural diversity of Aotearoa/New Zealand
2) have financial skills
3) have a background in advertising or marketing
4) have experience in running a business 
5) have experience in working with young children (e.g. health, social worker, ECE)


Expression of Interest

Please submit a one page summary of your resume, including a paragraph explaining the skills and attributes you will bring to the EBoT. This is due by 5pm on Friday 8th April.

Co-option: A subcommittee of the Establishment Board will consider all Expressions of Interest alongside the skills and attributes the Board is seeking. The subcommittee may choose to hold a co-ordination interview if there are more expressions of interest than there are positions available.

Successful applicants will be invited to attend Establishment Board meetings from May. If you have any queries concerning this information or the role of the Establishment Board do not hesitate to contact me on dianaw@onws.school.nz


Diana Wilkes
Presiding Member