The Establishment Board of Trustees of Orewa North West Primary School was recently appointed by the Ministry of Education. The Establishment Board consists of a number of people who have in-depth knowledge of educational leadership, management and school  governance. 


The school was first announced by the Government of the day in the 2018 Budget and it was originally scheduled to open in February 2021. Delays in land purchase and consent requirements have resulted in the school now being set to open in February 2023. The Ministry of Education has set a notional role of 158 in the first year growing to 298 in 2024. Stage One construction is for 18 teaching spaces to accommodate up to 420 students and the Ministry projects the future roll to be in excess of 600. The initial build will include the full infrastructure including hall, library and resource area.


The Ministry owns a 2.53 hectare site in Sunnyheights Road. The site is planned to accommodate a Year 1-6 primary school. The proposed school will be built with infrastructure including administration, library, resource and hall facilities to accommodate an initial roll of 420 students growing to 600. The Ministry also has land designated for Early Childhood Education Centre at 289 West Hoe Heights, Orewa.


The North West of Orewa, Auckland, is an area with new residential developments and large areas of land that are zoned single house under the proposed Auckland Unitary Plan. This area is part of the Orewa-Whangaparaoa catchment in the Auckland Growth Plan as part of the National Education Growth Plan (NEGP). This area is anticipated to grow by up to 4,200 - 5,000 dwellings by 2030.


Orewa North West is an area with new residential developments zoned single house. In total the West Hoe Heights Special Housing Area and other private developments could generate 1200 additional Year 1-6 students. The SHA area alone includes 800 dwellings with other known developments totalling 4200 dwellings scheduled to be built by 2030.


The new school will add significant additional capacity to the north west and assist in accommodation projected roll growth from planned developments in the area. (source: Ministry of Education)

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